Why Choose ELD STAR


Day & Night modes

Adjustable modes give great eye comfort during night routes.



Driver's App and the Admin Portal are compatible and respond great on any device.


GPS Tracking

It helps identify the vehicle's position on the map in real time.

Available on any device

ELD STAR is available on all standard devices. We developed a responsive Admin Portal and a Driver's Application for Android and iOS to offer a smooth user experience and reliability.


Multiple Subdivision Management

This is a unique feature specific just to ELD STAR. As an ELD Account Manager, this feature allows you to create multiple subdivisions for the companies you own and operate. You will be able to add to every subdivision the drivers and other representatives in charge of each particular company. It will give you control over all your fleets' operations.

Price List




Approx. $27/ per month - No contract ELD Solution

  • 24-hour Customer Support
  • Day and Night modes
  • Web portal and driver app
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Driver Violations
  • Reports
  • FMSCA Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need an ELD?

You need an ELD to record drive time and electronically log HOS, as the FMCSA's ELD mandate requires. Fleet operators find that ELDs are incredibly effective at improving compliance, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


How does the app collect data?

The ELD device is plugged into a vehicle's onboard diagnostics port, pulls data directly from the engine, and transmits it directly to the app. It counts how much fuel has been used and how far the vehicle has traveled. In addition, ELDs have a built-in GPS tracker that determines the precise location of your vehicles.


Why should I choose to do business with you?

We help you adjust your operations most efficiently. Most fleet operators are there to keep the business afloat but then become overwhelmed by all the regulatory requirements. Our ELD Software is the solution to help their business thrive and stay safe and compliant.


How do I get started?

If you want to benefit from our ELD Software, register on our website eldstar.com, and create your company's profile by filling out the application form. Then log in, and you are ready to go.